Our Services

Video Production

Music Video, films

We love making video! Motion graphics sequences, splash pages, and shorts all the way up to feature length action films and documentaries.

SafeHost™ Off-Shore Hosting

Host your domain privately

With multi-layer safeguards and protections, our SafeHost™ Off-Shore Web Hosting is worth looking into.

Shopping Carts

Let your products sell themselves

Sell anything you want, automatically, from digital products to home furnishings while you sunbathe at the beach or while you sleep.

Vitalize & Invigorate

If you need some fresh content

We are the best at new content, advertising, basically anything you can think of to freshen up that stale web presence.

Print Prepress

Layout and Typography

If you have a printing need, we can prepare your job for the press. Whether it is a print ad in a newspaper or on a billboard, we have you covered.

Web/Brand Development

Create an experience for your customers

We use the most current tools and technology to give your clients an unforgettable and repeatable experience.

Why us?

Proven Results

We will build a brand for your online product or service that will be memorable and stand out from the competition and this is what we have been doing for years for small to medium business just like yours.

20 Years of Experience

We have been doing this for so long that we might make it look easy, but really it is all the years of experience leveraged in each project and our passion for your success that keeps us going.

Prompt and Professional

We like to maintain spectacular responsiveness and professionalism  because we want to show you that as a freedom-lover your media and web needs are our first priority.






You are so much more than just a number to us, but we want you to know just because you are more than a number that doesn't mean we aren't counting our successful projects and showing off how many times we have fended off the redcoats.

We also wanted to say that us here at the Patriot Web Team are happy to discuss your project with you and even help you with determining a course of action for this battle that we all are facing to get our message to those who will hear it and respond to our call to action. Please feel free to reach out to us and find out what we have to offer.